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Re: Would you like a 3D desktop to go with that 3D printer? Sure we al

Nice gimmick but i don't see the necessity in daily life.

However i can see applications where 3D would come in handy.. engineering, medical sciences and such where having a 3D object you can handle with your hands is beneficial.

However the setup seems kind of complicated.. i'd better go with someting like Google Glass as a display and then have a free manipulation area (or something like MS Kinect to scan your gestures in realtime).

I'd rather like the displays in Avatar.. a glass like surface where i actually have a tactile response (still am itching to try a keyless keyboard ala Star Trek. My smartphone is too small to get a true feeling).

Also, and this will be rude, please try to use a speaker without a speech impediment when you present your product.
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