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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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I definitely believe this Spock will reach his, "If I were human, I believe my response would be, go to hell," moment in life a lot sooner than Spock Prime did.
He was basically there at the end of Trek XI.

serenitytrek1 wrote:
In case you want to know the similarties between all this cahracters..they all had leading roles in the films and the romantic plot is between at least 2 of the characters I mentioned.
Yes, it's certainly a common cinematic trope. Or cliché, if you will.

All I'm saying is that I think the Spock / Uhura relationship was a cheap trick used to insert unnecessary melodrama (as if Spock didn't have enough going on in that movie) and to drag a few extra female butts to the seats, that there was a reason they used Spock outside of say, Scotty, as emotionally detached and / or distant leading men are very much en vogue as evidenced by Twilight etc

If you disagree, fine, but don't accuse me of not getting it because I'm a 'man'. It's rude and needlessly dismissive.

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