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Just got home from seeing Tim Minchin at 54 Below -- It was an awesome show! Really tiny, personal, cabaret venue (100-150-ish people), good wine, got to meet him and chat a bit before the show, and he was lovely, and I couldn't have asked for a better seat:

Moi, getting ready to enjoy:
Small shows are the best. I mean, sure, there is fun to be had at large ones as well, but always by far preferred the smaller venues. Not only is one much closer to the artist and the music, but the mood always seems to be better.

Was at a show of the group that my cousin used to be a part of (pretty sure they've since disbanded), audience about 70 people. We lifted the roof of that place with our good mood!

Oh and: tois est tres belle
It was amazing...very intimate. Someone caught the encore on camera (they must have been right by me). It's a song from Matilda the Musical (Minchin wrote the music and lyrics and was here in NYC to promote the show). Some of the cast were in the audience and sang along, it was so fun!


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