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Re: A Good Day to Die Hard (aka DH5): Grade, Review, Discuss---SPOILER

Finally saw it today, there were three people there besides me, two chatted to each other the whole time and the other was either eating or on his phone not paying attention.

The film itself was disappointing, there were plenty of nice little moments here and there but everything else just fell flat and most of it is instantly forgettable.

The two biggest set pieces of the entire film were idiotic, the chase scene was far too obviously filmed in Hungary, not just bits and pieces but all the historic districts of the area, the connecting bridges, Hungarian on many signs and buildings and the Danube taking up chunks of the screen several times.

And the Chernobyl sequence was brainless indeed, the spray used to decontaminate the boxes interesting in that there are some that do that, the likes of Chloro-flouro-methane. The problem is all these gasses are lethal and will, amongst other things, liquify the lungs and other organs if inhaled, causing major chemical burns to skin and eyes on contact.

The lack of a single villain was annoying, all of them were weak and poorly done, the movie plods along and what good sequences we get don't last too long.

The family aspect of it was great though, every scene of him and either Jack or Lucy is well done and the ending was touching. I was just hoping for better overall.
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