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Re: who the fff... put Troi in that outfit??

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there's a part of me that kinda wishes they hadn't given her officer rank and put her in a uniform in the pilot episode in the first place. That was the mistake
Troi in a miniskirt is NEVER a mistake.
I second this, 110% Would've been the best of worlds, being clearly a Starfleet uniform, while cover that sex appeal quota. (Ditch the perm, though).

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I remember it didn't really bother me much when the show was new. It was noticeable of course, but it just seemed that Picard had offered leeway on his bridge, Wesley's stupid gray 'acting' ensign jumpsuit, Beverly ambling about in an ugly green lab coat, Worf wrapped in a tank tread, & Picard himself experimenting with different fashions, the most laughable of which was his puffy vinyl shoulder pads

Lest we forget, Troi spent most of season one in a gray jumpsuit & an updo. It was far less casual looking than the maroon & lavender suits, but ugly as hell. Heck sometimes you'd see her on the bridge in the teal dress with the oblong neckline

That's why it always struck me as pure hypocrisy for Riker to reprimand Ro for wearing an earring like a stodgy douchebag

I remember watching that scene & thinking "Dress code? On that ship? Are you shitting me?"

It does annoy me a bit in hindsight, but that has more to do with the fact that it became a meme with every Trek show to follow, that the bridge crew had to have someone without a standard Starfleet uniform. That's when it really became ridiculous
They never did explain why Worf's allowed to wear that baldric, did they?

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Putting Troi in a standard uniform was a good move. The miniskirt and jumpsuits weren't flattering. The dress was better for her build but was inappropriate for bridge duty.
Miniskirt not flattering? What show were YOU watching???

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Roddenberry originally wanted to Deanna to have three breasts, and he had to be convinced that it was a stupid idea. We dodged a bullet!

We lost the best idea ever.
Check out Total Recall if that's your thing.

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From a TV context, it would have looked boring with everyone in the same costume. Only Picard & Riker wore a 'standard' without some accessories. Data was yellow, Geordi has his VISOR, etc. Even that changed with Picard's 'casual wear'. What struck me as funny was when I met Marina Sirtis in person at a convention during TNG's run, it was obvious that the costume was actually not flattering to her. It was a rare case of seeing a TV actor in person and going "Wow! They are so much better looking than on the show!" And she didn't look bad in any of those silly wardrobe choices.

But it is fun to create a reason why, isn't it. And yeah, Riker was the 3rd boob.
Geordi's VISOR isn't an "acessory". That's like calling a wheelchair or a cochlear implant an "accessory".

Calling Data's yellow skin an "accessory" is even more ridiculous.

Tasha didn't have anything, BTW. And it does make sense for a doctor to have some sort of lab coat.
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