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Re: Nolan now in total control, and Bale will return as Bats

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I hope this is false. I HATE Nolan,
"Hate" would be too strong a word for me, but I am not a big fan of Nolan's Batman movies. The third one was the "best" of the three, IMO.

That he may be involved in a JL movie, which raises the possibility that Christian Bale will reprise the "lisping fake voice" Chrusader, is a real downer for me. And just like the Avengers put it's most popular and well acted character, Iron Man, out front, so likely will a JL movie put DC's most popular character out front. That means a whole crap load of the charisma challenged Bale.

Only two hopes here for me; that the story is not true, or if it is, that the upcoming Man of Steel is a huge hit, which might mean more Supes and less Bale - oh, I just remembered...nevermind.
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