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Re: How much did Voyager know of the Dominion as of "Caretaker"?

Well, you may be right.

Back to the original subject...

Regarding Voyager post-"Message in a Bottle", it's interesting that, while we do get a reaction from Chakotay and B'Elanna about the Maquis being wiped out, we get no reaction from the Starfleet people about the news that the Federation is now at war, one in which a good many people and ships have been lost and was going rather badly for Starfleet for a while.

Considering how hard it was to transfer letters, I doubt they got much detail in the way of casualty lists, but it would've been interesting to have Harry or Paris or somebody learn that their cousin serving as assistant chief engineer on the Yorktown had been killed in a skirmish with the Dominoin at Gamma Canis VII.
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