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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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it still looks implausibly high-tech for something a high-schooler put together in his bedroom.
Yep. I've always longed for a Spidey movie in which the suit looks like cheap store-bought rubbish. Kinda like Kick-Ass.

The caption for this photo says it was from filming 'a few days ago'. However, it looks like the old suit? I'm going to assume it's bullshit reporting though as it's from The Daily Fail but you never know...

Well it wouldn't be the first super hero movie to change the suit during in the movie instead of between movies. So it could just be that he starts Amazing 2 in the old suit and at some point switches to the new one.

Also It doesn't look exactly like the Rami suit, frankly it looks a little better than it, mostly the eyes.
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