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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

War Without End Part 1 - Its nice to see Sinclair back for a guest appearance. Is his voice/way of speaking different? He sounds weird, although that might just be because its been awhile since I've seen him. The weird transmission from the quarantined sector is interesting, as was seeing a Vorlon besides Kosh for a second on the minbari homeworld. I like that his encounter suit was different than Kosh's. I figured that the B4 incident would be brought up again. Its cool to see Sheridan and Sinclair together. Seeing the video of future Ivanova's message was interesting.

So, Sheridan and company have to go into the past, steal B4, and send it into the further past so that it can be used as a base to help in the fight with the shadows a thousand years ago. This definately clears stuff up about the earlier B4 episode, and its an interesting time travel story. Draal's assistant (who was also in the first B4 story) is still annoying, although not intolerable. I get why Sinclair didn't talk to Garibaldi, but its weird that they didn't even put in a small scene with him and Ivanova. He shows up in the war room and meets Sheridan, then later, on the White Star, Ivanova is just there, but we weren't shown even a small scene of Sinclair/Ivanova interacting when he first arrives, which would have been nice. So, I guess the White Star evolves/learns because of Vorlon tech? Thats weird, although I'm betting its not as "alive" as Kosh's ship was. It looks like the bomb that was supposed to blow up B$ has the power to make the film go negative Sheridan showing up in the place/time that he did was really interesting. I don't think that Future Londo should have been blaming Sheridan for the destruction on this world, though. The Centauri brought all the destruction in this future on themselves from what Londo said (they were the ones who allied with the Shadows), and Londo was a big part of it. Overall, this was an awesome episode. I bet that the nest part of this episode is going to be great.

Also, I just ordered season 4 from amazon. It was easily the most expensive season. 1-3 I got copies for less than $10 used (not counting shipping) of the older DVD run. But, it was actually cheaper to buy a new copy of the newer printing of S4 then it would have been to buy a used copy of the first run Even then, it was $13 without shipping. Well, its worth it, and it looks like Season 5 hovers at around $7 used, so whenever I order S5 I'm sure it will be comparable to seasons 1-3 in price. Not that I feel ripped off or anything for S4. I'm really enjoying Babylon 5. Its just a weird price increase compared to the prices of the other seasons.
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