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I actually preferred the greater amount of new footage in MMPR season 2 -- because at the time, I had no prior familiarity with Super Sentai, and all I knew was that the US-made footage looked a lot better. (In fact, I was surprised when I learned the PR seasons were based on SS seasons from only one year earlier, since the film quality made them look far older.) I was actually hoping that Saban would eventually abandon using recycled footage altogether and make entirely original Power Rangers content.

As for the integration, it was sometimes awkward. Saban had commissioned Toei to shoot a couple of dozen episodes' worth of new Zyuranger action footage when PR season 1 proved a breakout hit and got its season extended. But they switched over to the Dairanger Zords before they'd exhausted the "Zyu2" footage (as the fans call it), so there were some episodes where you'd see no interaction between the monster and the Megazord, just a shot of one firing a weapon and a cut to a shot of the other being hit, and you could tell it was two mismatched things spliced together. But this was only in a few episodes, until they used up the leftover footage.

Also, in order to justify keeping the first-season extinct-animal-themed costumes and power coins alongside the Dairanger mythical-animal-themed Zords, they created an FX sequence showing the original "Dinozords" morphing into the new "Thunderzords," which was shown every time the Zords were summoned. These shots were made using modified versions of the toy Zords rather than the original miniatures, and thus they look rather crude.

The main problem reconciling the footage was that the Dairanger White Ranger was actually a preadolescent boy who became adult-sized when morphed, and who thus acted rather childlike in costume. It was incongruous seeing Tommy behave normally as himself and as the White Ranger in the US-made footage, and then suddenly turn all goofy and hyperactive in the recycled footage.
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