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Re: Nolan now in total control, and Bale will return as Bats

I hope this is false. I HATE Nolan, he needs to stay away from JL. Does DC really need to keep up having the worst live action superhero movies? I mean, they can't beat Marvel with live action movies (They do, however, usually beat them in animation). It probably has to do with Warner brothers being run my semi-intelligent crabs. Still, they could, in theory, have good live action movies, they just need to stop using Nolan.

It would kind of make sense, though. While DC has some awesome characters, and has previously had some awesome comics, recently the quality of their comics has sucked, as has their live action movies. So, if this rumor is true, while Marvel gets great actors, great writers, and the awesome Joss Whedon to do their team up movie (after releasing a bunch of awesome live action movies to set up a universe for the team up movie) DC would get a horrible director and a horrible actor to take part in a movie that may or may not be connected to a few mediocre to horrible movies. So, I guess this wpould be their way of keeping the status quo of being much worse than Marvel in the quality of their products.
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