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Re: How much did Voyager know of the Dominion as of "Caretaker"?

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Of course, the whole "set a course for home" thing was basically self-deluding. The 75-year estimate to get home was a best-speed sort of thing, and given how many times they stopped somewhere or got sidetracked, it realistically would've taken centuries if they hadn't found all those shortcuts. What they should've done was found some advanced, benevolent civilization they could ally with and settle in, then use their technological resources to develop a means of establishing regular communication with the Federation.

Also, I have a hard time forgiving Janeway for never bothering to look for any of the other refugees abducted by the Caretaker. They should've tracked them all down and banded together, traveling in a caravan for mutual support and protection. Maybe they could've found the Equinox earlier and spared them from five years of hell.
They weren't totally clear on what happened to those other individuals. "The Voyager Conspiracy" suggested the Caretaker may have sent those ships back where they came from (though we know that wasn't the case with the Dreadnaught missle or the Equinox. Maybe both made a run for it, before he could sent them back).

Me, I still would've taken my chances with the Barzan wormhole, even if both sides were unstable.

Or better yet, I would've given Neelix and Kes whatever they needed so that they could destroy the Caretaker's array after I used it to get home.
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