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"Rick and Michonne essentially murdered the Hitchhiker.
As noted yesterday, they may not trust the idea of picking up a person they do not know. He could be infected, a killer, or a plant by the governor--or any other group of violent bandits roaming the land (ex. season two's bar fight).

They already had baby cribs at the daycare center where Darryl and Maggie got the baby formula the day the baby was born. They chose not to get one when they were already there (probably more than once) and was closer to the prison.
A crib was not the only reason for the trip. If you recall, in the previous episode, the group discussed how low they were on ammunition, food, etc. Rick specifically returned to his former police station in the hope of finding weapons, so they had to go beyond the daycare center.

Didn't Merle say the Governor probably had snipers on every road out of the prison to pluck them off when they tried to leave?
Probably is not a guarantee. After the attacks, the governor is training average citizens, so its not like he has spare men to scout the entire territory.

They go all that way to find the police station locker room empty, but they don't bother to look in the one dozen bullet boxes scattered all over the floor? Or the desk drawers?
We do not see every second spent in the station, but we Michonne was searching to some degree, since she found the lone bullet.

The hitchhiker is carrying a cooking skillet hanging off his backpack? Doesn't that indicate he was carrying food which they said at the prison they were running out of the previous episode? I saw it. The three of them didn't?
No, it does not indicate he was carrying food. The likely answer is that he's nomadic, so if he catches something to eat, he would need a skillet to cook the food, instead of shoving a stick through it over a fire like some scene from a western movie.

How could they be running out of food at the prison when they had wall-to-wall shelves full of food just one month earlier?
More mouths to feed. Yes, we watched Carl and T-Dog carry bags of food, but how long will that last with so many people?

Morgan murdered innocent people to hoard their guns. Merle murders. The Governor murders. Michonne murders. Shane murders. Rick murders. Maggie murdered Hayley the teenage girl when they rescued Darryl and Merle from the Arena. Carl shoots Morgan now. You're running out of characters to like.
All killings are not equal. On the bad side:
  • Shane wanted to kill his best friend in order to pusue his twisted lust in Lori, and killed the prisoner to set that in motion. Let's not forget Otis.
  • The Governor is psychotic, having people beheaded and plopped in aquariums for who knows what sick reason, kills the soldiers, which was not an act of self defense, and wanted to murder Michonne for as weak a motivation.
  • Merle is a violent racist...who needs to explain anything he does up to this point?
On the justified side:
  • Maggie shot the girl because she was armed, and to Maggie, she was another Woodbury threat. You--the audience member may see her as a "teenage girl," but she was one of the gaurds--or placed herself in that situation. Notice how Maggie and Rick did not shoot unarmed people.
  • Rick kills for self defense, not malicious intent. The Woodbury victims need no explanation, and Tomas the prison idiot tried to murder Rick, so again, that was self defense.
They said they need all the guns at the police station but appear to only take one bag from Morgan.
They had two large bags.

Michonne said Carl needed a box to carry the crib so she went with them, then they carried the crib back without a box. They said they were running out of baby formula. They get the crib, but not any baby formula which was vital?
What was in the white plastic bags? Do you know it was not formula? we did not see what was placed in the bags, so who knows. Clearly, it was something desired.

As the cop, Rick didn't know a single person in the town who had a baby so they can search the house?
Morgan's wall maps indicated several homes were destroyed. Additionally, searching abandoned homes is dangerous. Recall what happened when Andrea & Shane scouted a neighborhood.

Why didn't they trip the axe trap after they passed it so they wouldn't forget?
This is the Walking Dead, not Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It was minor oversight--if it counts as an oversight.

Rick and Michonne saw the live birds in the cages in the street traps. They KNEW someone was there feeding them. They KNEW the street was occupied by a crazy person. They went in anyway.
Traps do not necessarily mean the person setting it is crazy. If someone is trying to clean an area of walkers, is is easier to draw them to the traps, rather than risk danger prowling around the ruins of a city.

He had to have passed through the town anyway even if he came from elsewhere.

He could have crossed through the woods from somewhere else. Why is that not a consideration?

When Morgan was firing on them from the rooftop, did he tell them to drop their guns and their.... shoes?
I took that as Morgan needing replacements (especially if the local retailers were looted long ago). Shoes wear out. Go figure.

How did Michonne teleport in and out of buildings and rooftops?
She has developed skills over time. She is intelligent. When on the move, she's fast. No surprises.

I still don't understand why they aren't plucking off the Walkers through the prison fence with their sword and knives. Given time, they would take out half of them without a shot fired.
With the governor now being a threat, they cannot be so free and easy with their movements/appearances outside.

Did Morgan say he didn't turn on the walky talky for days? And you blame Rick for not being there when you finally bother to listen - when you knew Rick would have been in a city hours away?
He's emotionally rattled. He was venting.

Rick knew he shot that cop Walker in the first episode outside the police station through the fence. He didn't bother to look to see if the body was still their with bullets and a gun?
Do you think Morgan...or just about anyone else would miss that cop walker's corpse after so much time had passed?

Rick knew the Bars had guns behind the counters. I thought of that back in season two when Rick and Glenn followed Hershel to the bar where Rick had the shootout with those two guys and ended up with Randall. Even then they never looked behind the bar.
Rick knew about the bars in the neighborhood he lived in, and said he signed the gun permit for the owners. . There would be no reason for Rick to know--or even assume as much about the bar near Herschel's farm.

Every movie that has a bar fight has a bar owner with his gun.
Maybe its called avoiding a cliche?

Rick found out from Morgan's map that his house burned down. But every cop would have guns and/or bullets. What about Shane's house? Rick knew that Walker Cop through the fence in Episode One was turned so probably never made it back to his own house. All Rick needed to do was get a phone book. He knew the names of his co-workers.
Do you think former cops would not take every weapon in their possession when beating a path out of town?

Then, there's that business of searching abandoned neighborhoods.

There would be pictures of Carl's mother in their grandparents house. Both of them. They probably didn't live there but they did live somewhere.
...then why bring that up? They did not have a ton of free time with hungry people and the governor's killers lurking.
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