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Re: Would Khans return have been stronger in TNG?

to be TOTALLY FAIR, at that point, TNG hadnt come into its own, episodes like code of honor, , angel 1, etc, with badly written scripts, and cheesy special effects, predominated.

So I can understand why at the time they may may have found it safter to give it a place in a Feature lengh movie I just mourn what could have been, Khan's descendents, ariising... Wait heres a question...

What could the augments have done in between creating simplistic spaceships, equilivent to mercury and gemini, and and viable interstellar travel, since its going to be years and lot of focus on vengeance...

If starfleet was competent, they'd have soemone Watching the planet, ready to interdict expansionsism, out side the seti alpha system violently.

Since however, Starfleet, cant figure out that when someonegoing into a dangerous mission that could easily result in their capture, we Delete or at least freeze their access code...
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