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Rick and Michonne essentially murdered the Hitchhiker. Michonne's ugly cat was more important that that man's life. And do you believe you will ever see that crap cat again?
No one picks up hitchhikers now. Who would do so after the apocalypse? It's not safe for the hitchhiker, either. Any other group might've stopped for him just to kill him for his meager supplies. At least Michonne and Rick left him alone.

Morgan wanted to clear the entire world of Walkers, yet kept the local Grille restaurant one block away fully occupied with 10 Walkers and with an unlocked door? The back door was unlocked too, as that's how Michonne went back in to get her gay cat statue which she just whipped out of nowhere.
So? It's not as if Morgan is entirely rational anymore. He's functional, but not exactly in his right mind.

Didn't Merle say the Governor probably had snipers on every road out of the prison to pluck them off when they tried to leave?
Merle was wrong.

They go all that way to find the police station locker room empty, but they don't bother to look in the one dozen bullet boxes scattered all over the floor? Or the desk drawers?
Meh, they were probably empty anyway.

How could they be running out of food at the prison when they had wall-to-wall shelves full of food just one month earlier?
They have, what, a dozen or so people to feed, over one month. That's a lot of food. One person-year of food would last them about one month. Wouldn't you want to get more before you're completely out?

Morgan murdered innocent people to hoard their guns. Merle murders. The Governor murders. Michonne murders. Shane murders. Rick murders. Maggie murdered Hayley the teenage girl when they rescued Darryl and Merle from the Arena. Carl shoots Morgan now. You're running out of characters to like.
Who is "innocent" in the world anymore? Why should anyone in the story be "likable"?

They said they need all the guns at the police station but appear to only take one bag from Morgan.
"Appear" being the operative word. Likely the car is stuffed with weapons and ammo.

Michonne said Carl needed a box to carry the crib so she went with them, then they carried the crib back without a box. They said they were running out of baby formula. They get the crib, but not any baby formula which was vital? As the cop, Rick didn't know a single person in the town who had a baby so they can search the house?
Looks like they took a display model of a crib, rather than a box. And who's to say there was any formula left in the store? Any formula taken was probably just not seen or mentioned.

Unless the Axe trap was spring loaded with great pressure, just having it fall would probably only cut someone and pushed them down the stairs, yet it was covered with blood deep to the handle.
So, maybe it was spring-loaded?

The axe was covered with bright red blood, yet anybody who ever removed an old band-aid knows old blood turns brick-red or brown. I still can't believe the FX guys keep doing "bright red" old blood. It's practically fluorescent.
Maybe it was recently used? Maybe there was a fresh walker or even a bandit that got tripped up by it?

Why was the axe trap all bloody but the welcome mat trap wasn't? Why didn't Rick toss the welcome matt aside so Carl wouldn't fall into it and so they wouldn't forget. Why didn't they trip the axe trap after they passed it so they wouldn't forget? How did Morgan manage to dig a square hole into the concrete sidewalk to lay the welcome mat trap with spikes?
Once they're past the booby traps, they're protected by them, too. Why dismantle as perfectly useful system of traps?

Rick and Michonne saw the live birds in the cages in the street traps. They KNEW someone was there feeding them. They KNEW the street was occupied by a crazy person. They went in anyway.
Yeah, because they wanted supplies.

It appears the hitchhiker may have come from the car accident, as the bodies they saw in the cars looked fresh. Which means the hitchhiker would know they just went through a town, but he goes forward to uncertainty. He had to have passed through the town anyway even if he came from elsewhere. Why didn't he grab a car from the town? And why didn't Morgan kill the hitchhiker for his backpack when he passed through? That's what Morgan does now isn't it?
Your speculation is reasonable, but there are a dozen equally reasonable alternatives to explain the hitchhiker's situation.

Michonne had a crossbow when they loaded the car at the end (probably for Darryl). I wished they showed her picking it up, because now Darryl will have TWO crossbows and it will confuse people.

How did Michonne teleport in and out of buildings and rooftops?
She's a ninja.

Rick found out from Morgan's map that his house burned down. But every cop would have guns and/or bullets. What about Shane's house? Rick knew that Walker Cop through the fence in Episode One was turned so probably never made it back to his own house. All Rick needed to do was get a phone book. He knew the names of his co-workers.
After a year, wouldn't most supplies in houses be gone? Rick's group isn't the only one out there. Besides, most houses would be infested with walkers now. How long should they have spent looking for weapons?

There would be pictures of Carl's mother in their grandparents house. Both of them. They probably didn't live there but they did live somewhere.
The picture of the Grimes family was the only one in reach, the only one Carl knew was still around, and very probably the only left in existence. Perhaps one at a grandparents house? That could be on the other side of the country, if they were even still alive before the apocalypse.
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