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I know a lot of people have commented that they've felt badly for the hitchhiker but even in the best of times I think most people would've passed him by. Who knows what psychos are out there now...I would imagine that in the zombie apocalypse there'd be even more dangerous people out there.
I see your point; he even yelled something to the effect that he was okay (meaning not sick), but who would take that chance. For all anyone realized, he could have been bait for a larger group hiding in the woods, or had some association with the governor.
The poor guy ended up as stains on the pavement. I see the wisdom of not trusting strangers, but part of me would want to save another human.
I think (HOPE) that the story also showed how when they rod einto town, all of them were hardened to other people. But when they left, they became MORE human, and might have stopped. But like Morgan, they learned this lesson too late. Someone had to die before Morgan could learn to "kill" a loved one. For the group, someone had to die for them to now have a heart and pick up lonely strangers.

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My mother was really distressed by the hitcher. Passing him by and then taking his pack after he became zombie fodder was just too callous for her. It was a big turn off.

I think the episode was a turning point for Rick though. He saw what became of a good person when totally isolated.

My total "oh no" moment was when I saw Duane's name scrawled on that wall. I knew that he had to be gone, but seeing his name up there just gave me chills and deepened the sadness.
Definitely for me...but he also had OTHER names that sad people had turned...could they have been survvors that eventually didn't make t?

That cat was godawful ugly. Ha-ha!

Michonne is human -- sahe has one weakness -- poor interior decorating tastes!

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Like a poster said above, with all the cars, trucks and even motorcycles available why is is this guy hiking?
well, maybe the ones that were there were either out of gas, crashed, didn't knowhow to suction gas, or had dead bodies in them that he wans't willing to touch?

Since they never spent more than 5 seconds withhim, we have no idea what his story is.

Maybe his group crashed, and he was suddenly all alone, and didn't know what to do (i.e. he wasn't the leader).

Also, was he the one that made the sign for Elsie about Stone Mountain (who had been turned)?

I am slightly hopeful that the ending gives Morgan a chance to connect with Rick in the future. Can anyone give a relatively spoiler-free comparison to the comics..I know Morgan returns to the story, but how different is it then today's episode?
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