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Re: "Ion" sounds technical

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I thought turbo lasers were a Classic Galactica thing, in the Vipers. Was it said in Star Wars too?
An officer on the Death Star tells Vader the Rebel ships are so small, "they're evading our turbo-lasers." That's when Vader decides they'll have to go out and destroy them ship by ship.

BSG did have the "turbo" button on their control sticks, and they had lasers, but it was Star Wars that rolled them into one.

For those who weren't around: Back in the '70s Energy Crisis and Gas Crunch days, turbocharging was marketed as an almost miraculous way to get high performance out of smaller, more efficient automobile engines, and cars so equipped let you know with can't-miss "TURBO" decals and badges. It wears engines out faster, of course, but people didn't know that yet.
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