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The Spock / Uhura thing is a load of forced melodrama, pandering to a tween audience conditioned to the female lead falling for the emotionally distant handsome male.

It's a lazy attempt at giving the Uhura character a 3rd dimension and probably more insulting to the character than any of the lowest Uhura moments TOS presented us with.
Isn't that at the core of Spocks appeal to many in the female audience and the basis of more than one TOS episode?
This is an overstatment, perhaps, but I think the attraction or mystique of Spock to women fans in TOS was that he was both highly desirable and seemingly unobtainable. He was a distant, cold figure. And lonely. A woman may be tempted to think, "I know that's not really him, and if I had the chance, I could break through and get to him." In the show, that was personified by Nurse Chapel. In the end, Spock represented unrequited love, which probably even added to his attraction.

Whether or not one likes the idea of Spock having an open relationship with Uhura or not, thematically, their relationship changes that TOS image of Spock. The mystique is gone. The attraction of unobtainability is gone. And so is unrequited love. Instead, it's about Spock learning how to love, and Uhura gets the chance many female fans may have fantasized about in the 1960s. This Spock is not lonely.
I don’t really think the Mystique is gone. It is still , after all a different Spock and it doesnt matter how good Quinto is as Spock. Nimoy's Spock will always be the icoinc Spock.

I have heard many fans say that Zachary Quinto's Spock was even more cold and distant than TOS Spock.

Most people call NU-Spock an emo.
In the ending scene of the 09 film when TOS Spock tells NU-Spock to put aside logic and do what feels right.

Do you think TOS Spock said those words to NU-Spock because he regretted the cold and distant part of his life that made him miss a lot of human things like love.

Remember Leia Kemoli or even Christine Chapel.

I don’t know how true this is , but I heard that Gene Rodenberry initially planned for Spock and Chapel to get married but it never happened.

Like I said...I dont know how true those rumors are.

NU-Spock seems to find the right balance between logic and everything including love.

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