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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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I also do not like the Twilight series ....So I wont be saying hello.
Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you can dismiss its global appeal to literally MILLIONS of female fans.

There's a reason why they chose Spock over say, Scotty or Sulu as a potential love interest. He embodies the stoic, emotionally distant, damaged goods etc model of a contemporary romantic lead designed to appeal to a certain demographic.

It's a trick designed to get some extra butts in the seats and on that level I can't deny that it worked perfectly.

Personally, I found it tired and predictable. Had it been Scotty or Sulu... man, that would have been interesting.

No you don’t understand romance, which is are a guy.
Also, kinda sexist.

No offence but what global appeal does Twilight have?

Twilight is the worst Hollywood film franchise ever. I don’t care how much money it made at the box office has never equalled quality.

Didn’t Breaking Dawn 2 win 7 Razzies awards including worst film at last week’s ceremony?

Twilight is marketed to silly teen girls.

Sparkling pretty boy marries equally sparkling pretty girl and they live happily ever after without any sacrifice.

Now that is the definition of a cliché romance.

I don’t remember the spock/uhura relationship been anything like that.

And no... they could not go with Scotty or Sulu beause they are not leading characters. Kirk and Spock are the main characters.

let me refresh your memory of the golden trios in some of the biggest film franchises ever.

Luke-Han-Leia..(star wars)

Harry-Ron-Hermione (harry potter)

Anakin-Padme-Obiwan (star wars)

Peeta-Katniss-Gale (hunger games)

Captain Jack Sparrow- Elizabeth-Will Turner (pirates of the carribbean)

Kirk-Uhura-Spock (star trek 2009)

Edward-Bella-Jacob (Twilight) I will add twilight since you are a fan.

In case you want to know the similarties between all this cahracters..they all had leading roles in the films and the romantic plot is between at least 2 of the characters I mentioned.

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