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No pics, but a bit of hilarity this morning. When I went in the bathroom to take a shower, I opened up the curtain, and Phantom (our black cat, NOT Banshee/Diaper Kitty) was sitting on the far edge of the tub. He's a bit of a trouble maker, always getting into everything, and we're surprised his curiosity hasn't gotten the better of him yet. We also sometimes call him Vulcan Kitty, because despite his antics, he doesn't show any sort of expression on his face, ever! At least, until now...

So I started the water to let it heat up, and Phantom just sat there watching the water. Soon, he noticed that the bottom of the tub was starting to fill up a little bit, and he started getting a slightly panicked look on his face, and was starting to fidget around quite a bit. Finally, he'd had enough and attempted to leap across the tub to get out. This gif gives a good approximation of the result:

And then of course was the mad kitty scramble to get out of the water, including sinking some claws into my toes! To my wife, the funniest part was this was the first time we've seen him puff out his tail, but he couldn't do the lower half because it was soaked!
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