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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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I also do not like the Twilight series ....So I wont be saying hello.
Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you can dismiss its global appeal to literally MILLIONS of female fans.

There's a reason why they chose Spock over say, Scotty or Sulu as a potential love interest. He embodies the stoic, emotionally distant, damaged goods etc model of a contemporary romantic lead designed to appeal to a certain demographic.

It's a trick designed to get some extra butts in the seats and on that level I can't deny that it worked perfectly.

Personally, I found it tired and predictable. Had it been Scotty or Sulu... man, that would have been interesting.

No you don’t understand romance, which is are a guy.
Also, kinda sexist.
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