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Episode of the Week: 2x06 "The Schizoid Man"

The Schizoid Man

It's time for another episode featuring Data acting strangely and the crew taking their sweet time in figuring it out. Certainly not a bad episode, but after last season's Data/Lore, it's starting to feel like this is the most easily fooled crew in all of Starfleet.

An important note I should make is that this is the first Star Trek appearance of W. Morgan Sheppard, who plays Ira Graves. His career in Star Trek continued after appearing in this episode when he played the Klingon Commandant in Star Trek VI ("Work badly and you will die"), Qatai in the Voyager episode "Bliss" ("t's a beast! Cunning, deadly.") and the Vulcan science minister in JJ Abrams' Star Trek ("Despite your disadvantage"). Pretty cool character actor.

Probably my favorite part and my biggest gripe in the whole entire episode is the Vulcan officer Selar. I do not understand why this character only appears in this one episode. She's awesome! She has more character and intrigue in this one episode than T'Pol did in a whole season of Enterprise. Memory Alpha states that Tracy Tormé wanted her to be a reoccurring character who would have a relationship with Worf as the series progressed. Not a bad combination given how Vulcans have three times the strength of a human. Be nice to see someone focused and unexpressive take on a loud growling Worf. But they said no and decided to go with the "destined for the fridge" and Alexander spawner, K'Ehleyr, coincidently played by the same actress Suzie Plakson.

A cool female Vulcan officer who only appears in one episode. Ugh, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?????

I must say though, the funeral in the Transporter room is quite funny. The way Graves indulges himself in Data's body works really well, especially when he shrugs off Picard. This one scene has been a fairly used source for a lot of Trek videos. One parody cleverly put Wesley Crusher's head inside the coffin giving the impression that the crew were burying Wesley alive in space.

And I know they did this in The Child, but I find it interesting how the Warp effect as seen by the characters through the window bears a striking resemblance to the Trek09 Warp effect. Not a bad way to showcase the Enterprise being faster and more efficient than the older starships by seeing the old warp effect for a second, and entering the more standard warp effect.

Data: While those who did not know him, loved him from afar.
Picard: Data....
Data: I'm almost finished sir.
Picard: You 'ARE' finished Data.
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