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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Like a poster said above, with all the cars, trucks and even motorcycles available why is is this guy hiking?
That was me, & someone else pointed out that this might be a reason to not trust the guy. Who could be that stupid & still be alive a year later. There could've been a group waiting to harm them all.

I don't look on the ending as grimly as it came off though. I think picking up the dead guy's pack was a symbolic gesture... recognizing that he was indeed someone who needed help, & they didn't give it. Something they all have to live with, & it's a lesson learned, as was the whole episode. Shutting people out all the time can lead to worse circumstances than letting some in.

I actually think they might not be as cold about stuff like that from now on. After all, it's been a year. How long should it be before you come to terms with the fact that the people left alive are such for a reason, & it's probably best that you find out about them one way or the other?
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