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The most clihe aspect of a romance plot is the popular pretty boy and pretty girl living happily ever after without little effort or getting together with no real legitimate reason asides from that fact that both of them are pretty.

Those are the clihe romance that appeal to teen girls.
Twilight says hi.

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the stoic character that gets the girl is not clihe because it hardly ever happens. What is clihe is the pretty boy always getting the girl

You obviously no nothing about romance. ....
I guess I don't. My understanding was that it's between compatible individuals with mutual likes and dislikes and a basic aesthetic appreciation of one and other on a superficial and / or chemical level coupled with an appropriate balance of intellectual stimulus based on ideology and humour.

I now know that's it nothing more than hot people hooking up. Thanks!

No you don’t understand romance, which is are a guy. Romance is not really a guy thing and since Hollywood is as superficial as ever, most of the recent romantic films in Hollywood is all about sex and lust. It makes sense for you to describe romance as noting more than a hook up between 2 people.

This is one of the main reasons why JJ Abrams didn’t want to pair kirk/uhura in the first place.Kirk in star trek 2009 is the embodiment of all thing sex and lust in other words the cliché romance. When Kirk first meets uhura in the bar all he wants to do is sleep with her.

I don’t think that is the way Spock behaves and no it’s not because he is Vulcan. Am sure there are some vulcans that think it is logical to experiment with sex.
Spock just seems to be more level-headed and focused so if he were to date anyone, he probably won’t date a girl like Galia who is the female version of Kirk.
(Galia was the green girl...Uhura’s roommate)

Also again look at Uhura’s statement to kirk. To her, Kirk is a farm boy that likes to have sex with farm animals.

I for one thought that was quite a nasty and bitchy comment but it was metaphorically true. Uhura, despite acting like a bitch knew that guys like kirk only wants to get into her pants. she immediately turns him down because she is not that type of girl. she want a more serious person in other words a guy like Spock.

This is perhaps the most important reason why the Spock/Uhura romance is not a cliché. It was a very well done romance.

I also do not like the Twilight series ....So I wont be saying hello.
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