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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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I was more upset about loss of the Enterprise-D than Kirk.
Most definitely "same". Extremely disappointed they went this route. If they wanted it lighted/framed differently, the ship could've just had a refit. Look how much the "original" Enterprise changed from season 3 of TOS to TMP.
There were two reasons the Enterprise-D was destroyed.

The first was that Ron Moore had wanted to do it in season six (specifically, he wanted to crash the saucer into a planet), but they couldn't do it on a television budget. When Berman took ideas from Moore and Braga, that was one of the ideas they pulled out since they could do it properly on a movie's budget.

The second was that the Enterprise-D filming model wasn't up to snuff for film. The ILM model was low on detail (the smaller 4-foot model had a more detailed surface than ILM's 6-foot model) and there weren't many good camera angles for it. The idea from an FX standpoint was that they could replace the model with something better suited to film in terms of resolution and usable angles. (That's roughly the same reason the Excelsior was built. Andy Probert's design for the Enterprise was fantastic, but the model didn't work well with ILM's equipment.)
Where did you hear any of that? The 6 foot Enterprise D model was wayyyyyyy more detailed than the 4 foot. And there is no way the Excelsior was built because the Enterprise Refit was impractical...
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