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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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the same problem while searching for Sophia.

I don't say this often about most shows, but this show desperately needs a serious time jump. In order for Carl to stick around they are going to have to explain why he looks years older.
Agreed. Rick says to Morgan it's been approx 1 year since they last saw each other but as you note Carl looks a lot older than only the passage of 1 year and maybe it's me but they've compressed to much shit to have happened in such a short time period.

1. Rick wakes up from coma

2. Goes to Atlanta

3. Goes to camp

4. Then CDC

5. Carl is shot

6. Has a miracle recovery in just a few days

7. Lori pregnant

8. They camp out on the farm for unknown period of time.

9. Leave farm

10. Go to the prison

11. Andrea lands in Woodbury

12. Another unknown period of time passes in the prison after baby is born

13. Nowthey return to King County

Lori was just pregnant when Rick arrived at the group, she just had the baby, it takes 10 months to have a baby. That is really the only firm time indicator we have.

though in the early days of the show they were going day to day and I counted less than 2 weeks from Rick waking up to arriving on the farm.

as to the hitchiker, you gotta wonder where he's been the last year. What is he doing running down the road yelling?
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