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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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The most clihe aspect of a romance plot is the popular pretty boy and pretty girl living happily ever after without little effort or getting together with no real legitimate reason asides from that fact that both of them are pretty.

Those are the clihe romance that appeal to teen girls.
Twilight says hi.

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the stoic character that gets the girl is not clihe because it hardly ever happens. What is clihe is the pretty boy always getting the girl

You obviously no nothing about romance. ....
I guess I don't. My understanding was that it's between compatible individuals with mutual likes and dislikes and a basic aesthetic appreciation of one and other on a superficial and / or chemical level coupled with an appropriate balance of intellectual stimulus based on ideology and humour.

I now know that's it nothing more than hot people hooking up. Thanks!
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