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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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Isn't that at the core of Spocks appeal to many in the female audience
As a by-product of the character, possibly, but the stoic outsider getting the girl is as cliché and tired today as your lantern jawed hero getting the girl has ever been.

and the basis of more than one TOS episode?
Any Spock / Uhura inference in TOS is lucky coincidence. It's not even something I EVER saw brought up until post Trek XI

There was probably enough Kirk / Uhura interaction in TOS as well if you looked for it. Heck, even the Uhura / Scotty stuff in the movies was BLATANT.
Nope.... I flat out disagree; the stoic character that gets the girl is not clihe because it hardly ever happens. What is clihe is the pretty boy always getting the girl

You obviously no nothing about romance. ....

The most clihe aspect of a romance plot is the popular pretty boy and pretty girl living happily ever after without little effort or getting together with no real legitimate reason asides from that fact that both of them are pretty.

Those are the clihe romance that appeal to teen girls. the romance in star trek 09 or even in any of JJ Abrams movies and tv shows are nothing like that.
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