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Re: TOS comic book consistencies

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That being said, the Byrne stuff is awesome, and you should read it whether or not you include it in your personal continuity!
Right. The great thing about fiction is that you don't have to settle for just one version of the universe. Look at how many different interpretations there are of Batman or Spider-Man or Sherlock Holmes or Godzilla. It's always fun to explore variations on a theme. Delineating different Trek tie-in continuities isn't a value judgment or a declaration of what should and shouldn't be read; it's just cataloguing what goes where.

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Let me put this in Hollywood terms: Kirk was put in as overseer of the Enterprise refit program, meaning he was "executive producer." But he wasn't ever on set or looking over dailies in the editing room - the "director," Decker, was. Kirk was behind his desk arranging funding, staffing and publicity. All he would know of the finished product (until TMP) was the 'script' (meaning the same general exterior plans we all have - wouldn't help us find our way through the ship, would it?) and some concept art.
That might explain A Flag Full of Stars (though the book has other continuity problems, the big one being that's it's immovably set in July 2269 and is supposed to be more than a year after the 5-year mission ended, when we now know canonically that the mission ended in 2270). But Frontier Doctor shows Kirk as a far more involved participant in the refit and testing process.
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