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Re: your top five (low five?) least favourite characters

someone mentioned that blasted musical hologram... now he annoyed me so much I literally forgot all about him! He needs to go on my list... a lot worse than Winn. (Mainly because the character seemed to be such an strange add-on, nothing to do with the rest of the show, and I hate the kind of syrupy music he sings...

Actually I will say I was very fond of Winn in that every time she appeared on screen I wanted to strangle her - great acting!

Ezri I sort of liked but she could simply never replace Jadzia.

Joran was great in the second episode he appeared! The second actor really gave him the kind of understated menace that could make you believe he'd killed in cold blood.

Oh, and I really didn't like the Female Founder... I'll have to extend my list...
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