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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

My mother was really distressed by the hitcher. Passing him by and then taking his pack after he became zombie fodder was just too callous for her. It was a big turn off.

I think the episode was a turning point for Rick though. He saw what became of a good person when totally isolated.

My total "oh no" moment was when I saw Duane's name scrawled on that wall. I knew that he had to be gone, but seeing his name up there just gave me chills and deepened the sadness.

I am glad that Michonne opened up to Carl. It was a great bonding moment. We saw Carl go from parroting what Rick told him to making his own decision about her.

That cat was godawful ugly. Ha-ha!

I did not miss the Woodbury subplot at all. Tyrese and his sister can get out of there and let the rest of that nonsense go.
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