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Spielberg developing Kubrick's Napoleon

More Details

Anyone else interested in this?

I'm fond of Napoleonic history generally, so this project has piqued my interest. It's interesting that he's going for a TV miniseries approach rather than a movie. I think that's a great choice, as the story is sprawling and naturally episodic anyway.

I'd love to see battles like Jena, Austerlitz and Waterloo done well. The series sounds very focused on Napoleon himself, so I suppose we won't see much of the Penisular War after the initial phases. Shame, because there are some great stories there too.

The personal stories & rivalries are also potentially compelling. I don't know anything about the original Kubrick project, but it would be great to see Spielberg develop this series in a way similar to some other recent fictionalised historical dramas like Rome, The Tudors, etc, etc.
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