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Re: DOS Screen Challenge

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^ It's tough, but doable. Give it another go. Or two.

Unlike Burnout 3's final few races which I found fucking impossible. I got stuck on the Indy Car one (I think it was the penultimate or maybe 3rd from last), and never got past it.
Wouldn't you know it, I was thinking of Burnout 3. I feel a little better knowing someone else struggled with that, not just me.
Yeah, now I think about it, I think we've had this conversation here before, too.

I noticed Panzer General as one of the games in the screenshot challenge, which reminded me of another game I used to play but can't remember what it was called. I'd like to find it on GOG or maybe some abandonware site, because it's not graphics-dependent, so should still be a lot of fun today.

It's a top-down, hex-grid, turn-based strategy game, similar to Panzer General in broad concept I suppose, but where one side is red and the other is blue, rather than specific sides in a real war. You have the usual mix of tanks, infantry, artillery, etc and the board you play on has various capture & hold type towns. Gameplay is divided into the usual mix of movement, attack, defence, etc, but IIRC you had two phases of attack & defence each round (one active, one reactionary). There was a placement phase before the game-proper began, and you had an overall budget from which to select your pieces from before placement. I'm pretty sure that it must have been a boardgame adaptation. Or, at least, it was very heavily boardgame-influenced in feel.

Anyone know what game this was, please?
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