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Project: Full Circle Mission Length

I forget exactly where I read it (I believe it's in Kirsten Beyer's Full Circle), but I believe the Full Circle mission back to the Delta Quadrant was planned as a three year mission. As the fleet launched in mid-2381, that would put the mission end in mid-2384, which is where DMack's Cold Equations trilogy ended.

Has it been stated anywhere that the mission to the DQ may be extended?...or maybe even permanent with crew cycles every few years for those who want it, so that they don't get too home sick?

I know that the VOY-R books are still in late 2381. With the other 24th century books going into 2384 at this point, I just don't want Voyager to be left behind the way the DS9-R story was left in 2378 before it skipped ahead and left a lot of story points dangling...
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