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Re: RDM interview in a military blog (in 4 parts)

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There is no brilliant, successful example of an sf series following an overarching pre-plotted storyline from the beginning to the end of the series. That kind of narrow plot-focused writing produces mediocre drama.
Well that's some damn tasty bait you've got there, but I think I'll pass.
That's probably a good idea, because one would have to come up with an example to the contrary that holds up.
Starting with the obvious, The Prisoner is widely regarded as dramatically successful. (No SF series has been popularly successful, unless you redefine popular success as including winning a syndication time slot.) Not even an arbitrary dismissal of Babylon 5 saves this from being lame bullshit. In the wider world, beyond the fanboy realm, it is doubtful that any other SF series has stood the test of time in critical opinion.

(BattleStar Galactica was praised out there in the real world for its topicality and its sexiness, which means that it's contemporary as long as 9/11 is regarded as relevant. Sexiness per se is not usually regarded as an attribute, strongly suggesting an attempt to plug the series, not criticize it.)

For all genres of pre-planned series, things like Band of Brothers; John Adams; Lonesome Dove; I, Claudius; House of Cards (BBC version at least), also expose the absurdity of this supposedly critical opinion.

Also, the implication that not plotting a serialized show has produced brilliant drama is entirely unsupported. Worse, you can only support it by pretending that the series as a whole doesn't have to possess any thematic integrity, much less make any sense.

The notion that plotting is "narrow," is obtuse, to say the least. When you actually write a plot, you concern yourself with the question of why the characters do what they do. Unless you surreptitiously redefine drama as people having histrionics.
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