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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Nagisa Furukawa wrote: View Post
Do Doctor Who from An Unearthly Child to the present day.
Nah, Doctor Who isn't really my thing. I watched the first series of nuWho when it aired because there wasn't much else on on Saturday evenings. It was okay, but it didn't interest me enough to continue with it.

DonIago wrote: View Post
I'm always up for reading reviews of Six Feet Under or Lost myself, though I suspect mine will be a minority vote.
Lost has potential. I used to love it, but the time travel stuff in season 5 bored me, and the ending left me a bit soured on the whole experience. As such, I have the first four seasons on DVD but haven't bothered rewatching any of it since the finale. A rewatch from that perspective might be interesting.

Also, I'm playing Far Cry 3 at the moment and that game is putting me in a bit of a Lost mood. A tropical island, smoke pillars, mysterious happenings, bears...

Harvey wrote: View Post
I'd read reviews of The Flying Nun if he wrote them.

Actually, do that.
I'm waiting on the bluray release.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
TNG is an awesome show but I find S1 incredibly tough to marathon. It isn't even bad in a fun way. It's just lop-sided, poorly paced and frequently boring.
Perversely, that's part of the reason why I'm tempted to go with TNG. TNG season 1 is probably the worst season of Star Trek ever produced, and I want to quantify just how bad it is with graphs.

Sykonee wrote: View Post
Uh oh, we might end up 'competing' again if you do Farscape , as I've plans to do another Versus thread that would include it. But, eh, that probably won't be for another year anyway. (Too... many... projects...)
A year? So I would just about be finishing season 1 at that point?
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