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Re: Court Martial - Ion Pod revisited

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Uh...that was the whole point of remastering it, creating effects that they didn't have the ability or budget to do in the 60's.
And thereby pissed off a lot of folks who were fine with the way the f/x were as well as pissed on the artistic integrity of the original creators.
Oh that's nonsense. If people are so pissed off, they don't have to watch it, the originals still exist. I'm surprised those same people haven't committed mass suicide after JJ rebooted the series.
Let's not get snippy over why people don't like the new FX. You asked, people responded. Some love them, some hate them, some are on the fence. Everyone's different. Agree or not, let's respect opinions. Nobody is forcing anyone to conform.

Regarding the new FX, I like a lot of them, some of them I'm not crazy about. I respect why it was done: to make Trek a viable property in HD for syndication, make more scratch, and to try to increase its shelf life. If they had more time and money, some of the problems may have never occurred, but where I have an issue is where the FX guys didn't actually pay strict attention to the dialog or intent of the scenes. Other threads are full of these discussions, but episodes like The Doomsday Machine and The Paradise Syndrome have effects that were "kwel" rather than faithful to the original intent. The original energy of some scenes is now missing as well.

The vast majority of Trek episodes don't rely on effects - they couldn't. Most episodes use the shots to establish something: a location (deep space, a planet, a space station), or just an Enterprise fly-by. The strengths of the series were always the stories and the characters, so most episodes really aren't effected at all. However, those episodes which did need the effects to sell a point were greatly impacted for better or worse. It's up to the individual to decide for themselves. We still have the originals to fall back on, it's not like George Lucas supervised the effects. For one or two episodes, I stick with the new FX, but for the most part, I go back to the originals I've watched my whole life. I prefer them. Actually, I go back to the laserdiscs for the sound mix, but that's another - and worn out - discussion.

Some people also don't think the went far enough with them and missed an opportunity to do something really imaginative. Others wanted the original effects recreated as closely as possible, without embellishment. There will never be a consensus and never will all of us be happy. That's the way it goes.

As for the Ion Pod, even as a kid in the 70's, it didn't confuse or bother me that I learned nothing about it. It was a Maguffin, nothing more. Kirk's plight was the real issue, the pod was just 60's "technobabble" to put the proper sci-fi feel on Finney's death. As a kid, I just thought "ion pod" sounded cool and it was enough that the file room guy had to go in it and Kirk was allegedly forced to jettison the thing. I filled in the blanks with my imagination.
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