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Re: How much did Voyager know of the Dominion as of "Caretaker"?


Hell no.

Every Captain, all the tens of thousands of them, was sent a memo they probably didn't read.

Tens of thousands of Federation Star Ship Captains receiving and sending hundreds of memos every day.

It's question of scale.

In the Best of Both Worlds, the loss of 37 ships was catastrophic.

The Bulk of the fleet.

The centre cannot hold.

Then along comes DS9 and their Dominion War.

Dozens of standing committed Fleets accounting for hundreds, maybe thousands of capital ships each.

One ship lost compared to that mess of activity?

Storm in a teacup.

Janeway didn't even Know that Data and Geordi had been tot he Delta Quadrant before her.

She didn't even know that Equinox had been captured by Caretaker 6 months before she had been captured by Caretaker, hell, she barely knew Ransom.
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