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Re: Mirror Universe Janeway

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But it wouldn't stop there.

Then it would be Battlestar Galactica, and Farscape and Stargate Atlantis and select episodes of Sliders... By the time you're finished, you would have completely assimilated the poor bugger and you would have both starved to death because like proper junkies, you two will always chose to put another dvd in the player rather than make a sandwich.

The Prime Directive has more real world applications than not cleaning your brothers house even though sedimentary layers of dust on the windows are indistinguishable from curtains,

Leave your Farscape & BSG at home, since not only did I watch them, I have the DVDs already.

(I've mentioned elsewhere my first real LL exposure was on BSG and how I had to check the credits to make sure who she was since D'aB wasn't a brunette.)

As for Sliders, I've seen a few eps... but it never caught my fancy. Same with SGA.

My newest interest is Lost Girl (waiting for season 2's DVDs) I'm shocked to say this, but think I my fav is Kenzi!

As for missed eps... the one that twerked me the most for years was season 2's Carbon Creek on Enterprise. No matter when it reran, I missed it. FINALLY I caught it on youtube before it got removed.
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