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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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I like how Mace says the Force works in mysterious ways.

What he's actually saying is; "Sorry Ashoka, don't be mad at us, it was the Forces fault."

Playing pin the blame on the Force can't be the Jedi way.

Then again when I think about it, that pretty much is the Jedi way isn't it?
I've heard similar observations about religion in general. Why did the flaming oil tanker smash into the pet rabbit store? It was the will of Baby Jesus, etc.

Where are people getting that Ahsoka "knows" about Anakin and Padme? From her final line where she says "I know" after Anakin confesses to having feelings of wanting to leave the Jedi? That doesn't quite seal it for me. Because Padme agreed to be her lawyer? I've watched it 3 times already - there's absolutely nothing in this episode that suggests to me that she knows about their secret marriage.

I wished it had been a key storyline. I guess they (Anakin and Padme) only spend brief moments alone together anyway.
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