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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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You wrote, "Starship Class which obviously belongs to the Constitution Class." If the Enterprise is a Starship Class, by the logic in your writing, she's a "Constitution Class".

And to recap, if the Enterprise was either "Starship Class" or "Constitution Class" she cannot be the "1st bird of the 17th design" as she is not the lead ship.
Apparently you're quoting my comments totally out of the context of my previous posts.

Obviously I was referring to "Constitution Class" as a sub-classification of "Starship Class" (and despite my poor wording you quoted not the other way around), i.e.
  • Starship (Archon?) Class ("Return of the Archons")
  • Starship (Constitution) Class (phaser schematic)
  • Starship (Enterprise) Class (Making of Star Trek)
  • Starship (Miranda) Class (USS Reliant)
Where Matt Jefferies' "17th Federation cruiser design" should not be compatible here, I'm unable to see.
He never said "first starship", he merely said for the Enterprise to be the "first bird" and the "first in (its) series".
All it (correctly) suggests is that the XXth design series will also have a name (e.g. Constitution or Enterprise or Miranda).

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