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Re: A parade of spaceships...

I suddenly feel the need to get Flash Gordon on DVD. In fact I think I will order it.

While working on this and looking at that image I posted above I keep thinking how cool it would be to have a nice kit of this ship, maybe about 12in. long. And although I've no real need for it I've got the idea of doing my own schematics of the ship as well. Even so I am going to try cobbling something of an interior for it based on the screencaps I can find. I'd really like to see more information on the full-size mock-up as well as the filming miniature.

Hmm, I suppose R2/PL couldn't be talked into producing a proper kit of this???

Some little detail you can't see on those elevations. I put nozzles in those four large openings facing aft. I also added some detail inside the ray cannon muzzle. The wheels have some treads on them and I partially enclosed the wheel housings underneath when in reality I've no real idea how that's supposed to look like.
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