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Re: TOS comic book consistencies

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^I think A Flag Full of Stars may have. But that's hard to reconcile with Kirk's onscreen ignorance about the design details of the new ship.
Not really. If I recall right, Kirk was on the space shuttle Enterprise at the time - Decker was the one flying the half-completed starship Enterprise. Kirk didn't set foot on the latter.

(Just occurred to me I might've misinterpreted that.)

Let me put this in Hollywood terms: Kirk was put in as overseer of the Enterprise refit program, meaning he was "executive producer." But he wasn't ever on set or looking over dailies in the editing room - the "director," Decker, was. Kirk was behind his desk arranging funding, staffing and publicity. All he would know of the finished product (until TMP) was the 'script' (meaning the same general exterior plans we all have - wouldn't help us find our way through the ship, would it?) and some concept art.
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