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Re: Garak's Thoughts on the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor

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I'd imagine in public he'd declare it pointless but shrug it off, while in private seeing it as an atrocity.
I am not so sure I'd expect Garak to classify it as an atrocity. He was a cruel man himself, who believed getting his results was worth any price (he even tortured Odo and who knows how many other people, or committed murder(s)), so I wouldn't assume that anyone's suffering made any impression on him. Especially if that suffering was non-Cardassian for the good of Cardassia.
IIRC, Garak only tortured Odo because he was ordered to do so, and even then, it hurt him to do it.

Some of the more blatant atrocities committed during the Occupation (such as Gul Darhe'el's wholesale slaughter of Bajorans at the Gallitep labor camp) would have been impossible for Garak to go along with. He's not a savage.
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