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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

Thanks Barbara! Hadn't gotten 'round to it yet.
Just a little thing to help the crew loosen up
(although the effort was not really appreciated
by our set builders/production staff)

The gaps you're speaking about (if I'm guessing
the right areas) are present on all Bridge sets,
simply because of the way they are built in sections
like slices of a pizza. Black tape or a black sheet
is supposed to be behind the set piece to block
the lights behind the set.
Some sections are are "portable" to make way for
camera equipments & microphones, and are moved
several times back and forth for particular shots.
In the original TOS episodes, the creators depended
on the poor resolution of the TV screens in the 60s
and 70s to hide those flaws, along with a multitude
of others. If you look close enough to Phase II, Farragut,
and even our production, you will see those flaws
again... there's no way to make these set pieces perfect,
and we really don't want to, to keep them somewhat "authentic".

Thank you for your interest & contact us if you're
ever in the OKC area.

JC England (Capt Boone)
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