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Re: School goes into lockdown over "Fresh Prince" theme

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One guy I used to know would play that publicly shortly after 9/11, not realizing why it was insensitive or innapropriate.
I have to remind myself to be sensitive over things like that because I'm not as associative as other people. That song wouldn't make me think of 9/11 even the day after.

I guess it's a matter of context, because it's immediately what I thought of after hearing it relatively soon after. The guy in question was pretty much self-centered and only cared about what he wanted to play, not what others might have thought. To this day, because of that, I still associate the song with the event.
It is actually tied to that event, but not the way you think. Many troops in Afghanistan used it and similar songs as part for psychological warfare, to demotivate enemy troops and deprive them of sleep (their culture didn't have anything resembling heavy metal, so just think of how they must have perceived such songs, dialed up to 11).
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