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Re: What is the biggest reason that you read Trek novels/stories?

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I sometimes wonder how people were able to keep up with everything that was being published between around 1995 through 2002 or so, when there were around 25 to 30 novels published every year.
I was able to keep up until DS9 came out and the miniseries stuff started. Then it was harder, and then basically impossible for me for at least 10 years. I'm catching up on some, but have discovered that others are ones that were never worth missing in the first place.

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Hey, really illuminating responses. Thank you. Did not expect all the elaboration, especially.

I suppose I should weigh in on why I tend to shy away from trek fiction.

- When I pick up a book, part of the joy for me is learning about new characters, and having a new world skillfully laid out for me by the author.

- I do not like mixing formats. Wires get crossed in my brain when I'm reading a description of things I saw with my eyes on TV. Reading for me is a lot about the richness of the prose. So, while there is an interesting magic about reading words about familiar actions that create a character previously rendered only visually and aurally, for me I get a bitter taste. I have picked up one or two novels and was struck by the amount of words that went into describing the minutiae of Trek characters, like Picard pulling his shirt down, or Sisco having a loud and authoritative voice, etc.

Now, I am not criticizing those who like Trek fiction. Not at all. That's why I made a poll, so I could hear what motivates folks.

I would be interested in fic that diverges quite a bit from existing storylines. Any recs?
Do you mean the pro novels or fanfic? For pro novels, try John Ford's How Much For Just the Planet?. Hint: enjoying this novel is much easier for folks with an interest/background in music/drama/musical theatre.

If you mean fanfic, there's a forum here for that. Or PM me for other recommendations.

(p.s. I loathe Abrams, too)
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For some great Original Series fanfic, check out the Valjiir Continuum!
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