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Re: Old Freighter bash

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This is absolutely stunning. I'm very interested in learning how the weathering was done. Just superb.
First I drew the panel lines on with a mechanical pencil, using tape as a guide.

Then I airbrushed on a few coats of Future Floor Polish to make her smooth, and decaled the model.

Next, a few coats of Micro Flat to kill the shine.

Then I gave the whole model a sloppy wash of very thinned black tempera paint, occasionally using a tissue to wipe it gently aftward. The idea is to give the ship a kind of uneven tone, so it's not all one shade and looks a bit dirty.

Then (after that dried) I scraped some dark gray chalk pastel off the stick and onto a card, dabbed a Q-Tip in the dust, and gently brushed the pastels over each panel line. Then pastels on a brush, more heavily in the nooks and crannies to bring out shadows. I also used a little bit of brown and olive.

Then I took a tissue again and gently wiped aftwards, getting light streaks.

More coats of Micro Flat to seal the pastels on.

That's about it!
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