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Re: Were you satisfied with the character arcs?

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Saying "God did it" implies a cop out, "Deus ex machina" in an situation that actually involves God and machines.
No, it doesn't. Neither of us said or implied anything about a DEM.

You said, ""God did it" isn't the answer, Starbuck got them to Earth, God only brought her back to life."

But if Starbuck was brought back to life by God... and given the notes she needs to do it by God... the notes themselves being a song seeded throughout the universe by God... all as part of God's plan to get them to Earth... how is it unfair to say "God did it"?
She didn't get the notes from God, watch the episode. She remembered the song from childhood, she worked it out with a vision of her father. The visions are linked to God, but that's part of the show. People don't complain about the transporters on Star Trek. They're a plot device to tell a story, you need the characters to get somewhere and you don't want to waste time landing the ship.

The visions were a visual method of representing characters working out ideas and revealing aspects of the plot that couldn't be explained in other ways. It would have been boring to show her sitting by herself trying to write a song. But having a character there for her to talk to and write works. In many ways, it's similar to Luke seeing Obi Wan's ghost in the Star Wars trilogy. Luke needs information or the plot needs him to be somewhere, so Ben appears to tells him the story of Vader being his father or tells him to go find Yoda. It isn't a cheat, it's an extremely old story device. BSG just used it to help further a mystery of the show and tied into the ending.
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