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Re: Were you satisfied with the character arcs?

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It just seems... lazy. That the writers don't have to explain anything because a God can revive characters and give them visions of what to do when it is required by the plot. If that is satisfying storytelling to you then fair enough but I prefer the show to use different narrative devices. God and an afterlife rids it of consequence and weight.

It doesn't do anything interesting with the idea of a God. It's just humdrum monotheism presented in an unambiguous, uninteresting way.
You probably shouldn't have watched a show that dealt heavily with the religions of both the protagonists and antagonists. Especially since visions and prophesy were an instrumental aspect of the plot throughout the run. That's a heavy part of the Kobol story arc, Roslin's entire arc, Baltar's entire arc and the reason Leoben was obsessed with Starbuck. The whole series dealt with religion, complaining that a god showed up doesn't make sense.
In Season 1, you had polytheistic humans who thought they were right, monotheistic robots who thought they were right, and one guilt-ridden human who saw the robot he fucked everywhere, who may be an angel of god or may be a sign of his insanity from being responsible for the genocide of the human race.

In Season 4, you have an actual god who can make anything he wants in the plot to happen. It's INCREDIBLY simplified and more literal than where the show began.
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